Natures First Chips Chickpea with Sweet Chilli 100g

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Nature First sweet chili chickpea chips have a subtle sweetness and zesty tang, they are a light and crunchy chip solution. Nature First always strives to bring you the best possible health and nutrition, and snacking is no exception. Our range of chips are made with carefully select high quality ingredients and manufacture with exotic flavours right here in Australia.


Our sweet chilli chickpea chips are naturally coloured and contain no artificial flavours. Packed with the goodness of 40% chickpeas. The high protein content of chickpeas means these chips are satisfyingly filling and will keep you full for longer. The perfect addition to lunch or dinner to add crunch and long lasting satiety. All our Nature First chips are made using high oleic sunflower oil and are proudly 100% Australian-made! Enjoy natural, gluten free snacking that does not compromise on flavour or crunch. Everyone can enjoy in good health.