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Toilet Paper - Box of 48 - Who Gives a Crap - The Play Edition 48 roll box *(Bulky)

Regular price $62.00

  • The Play Edition

    3-ply, premium 100% bamboo TP

    48 extra looooong rolls for $64.00

    Mix and match stacks of this limited edition toilet paper to bring endless combinations of characters to life! The really fun part? While you play, you're helping fight deforestation and building toilets for the 2.3 billion people in need.

Cut along the box’s dotted lines to create your very own toilet paper theatre. Bet you could put on a stellar production of Romeo and Pooliet. Or perhaps A Midsummer Night's Wee?

Tell your friends that they should be playing with their toilet paper too. More bums means more fun (and more toilets!).