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Abode Start Up Pack - Bathroom

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Abode Toilet Gel + Abode Bathroom Cleaner or Surface Spray + Fibretec Microfibre Bathroom Cloth


Rosemary & Mint gel and bathroom cleaner


Tea tree gel and Rosemary and Mint Bathroom Cleaner


Would you sell your home to follow what you believe in? We did! Nicole Bijlsma (Abode Cofounder)

Nicole and her husband Mark have devoted the past nine years to create a range of products that would revolutionise the industry and set a benchmark for cleaning products in health food stores. The Abode Cleaning Product range has been specifically formulated from the ground up to ensure they are devoid of nasty chemicals like known allergens, skin irritants and hormone disrupting chemicals. Whilst the majority of ‘green’ cleaning products are environmentally friendly, few have been developed to consider the health of your family. Running a registered training organisation in healthy homes, we realised early on that there were alot of problems with the cleaning products marketed as natural. For a start, most of them do not work well, they are considerably more expensive than supermarket brands, and they are often loaded in chemicals that are lung, skin and eye irritants. Why would you put them on your hands or in your clothes?

Being parents ourselves we understand what you expect from the products you buy. We have gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure that our products work as well as the leading brands, comply with the new European REACH Directive without the use of nasty chemicals. We manufacture the entire range from the ground up ourselves – no third parties involved, to stringent standards using the best ingredients that money can buy. For example, our Tea tree Toilet Gel is made from food grade xanthan gum found in many food products whilst our pure Eucalyptus essential oil is sourced from a planation in New South Wales.


  1. Specifically made from the ground up by people with skin sensitivities
  2. Food grade ingredients are sourced wherever they are available as industrial grade ingredients are often contaminated with impurities like heavy metals
  3. Grey water and septic tank safe
  4. No phthalates or artificial fragrances as they are common skin irritants
  5. Free from petrochemicals, palm oil, zeolites, phosphates, cocobetaine and much more…
  6. Australian made and owned because we love this country!