So why did I start this little venture and why is is it called ‘Trying for our health’?

Posted by Lynette Pascoe on

My family & I had a bumpy 3 years of ill health. I came across some things that helped our health and well-being. Our journey inspired me to share some of the things that helped us.

Magnesium salts have been a regular part of life for the last few years. In a foot bath or a big bath, sprayed on feet or the body. Magnesium salts can be quite expensive in small packets to buy locally so I wanted to buy bulk to then repackage and make an affordable option available in my district.

I learnt about what Building Biology is!  I stock Nicole Bijlsma’s book (Healthy Home, Healthy Family) to encourage others to explore the possible triggers for ill health within the home or workplace. The science of building biology has helped me understand why we became unwell. I had our former home audited by a building biologist and it encouraged me to learn how our homes and work/school environments can be hugely influential factors on our health.

I'm a parent of two kids. Naturally I'd do anything for them.  So when we were all unwell, I couldn't just sit back and do nothing. When we first became unwell I struggled to find help. Lying in the foetal position crying wasn’t getting us anywhere and following the recommendation for laxatives for my son was not healing him or finding the root cause of his gut problems. I had to look for answers.

Fortunately I found health care practitioners who consider the causes of illness and not just temporary solutions. I joined some online support groups. At some stage someone suggested Abode cleaning products for its no nasty chemicals and many suggested we consider mould.

I read a lot in those 3 years! I talked a lot! I thought a lot! I cried a lot! And I learnt a lot!

The 3 years nearly broke me gave me lessons I'll never forget.  Those 3 years have inspired me.

My family is everything to me so I had to try! I had to try for the health of my family. So that’s why I’m ‘trying for our health’.  I’m a mum who believes in preventative care, believes in asking questions, and in giving it a go for the health of my family. I’m trying for our health and I encourage you to try too.